DIY storage solutions

May 13, 2017

Do you feel as though your house is always a mess? Like you don’t have room to move through all of the clutter? The problem could lie within your storage space. A lack of storage options within the home means there are a lot of items without a place to go, leaving them laying about the place looking messy. If you had a spot for everything, you’d be amazed at how much easier it is to keep your home looking neat all of the time. And as an added bonus, your life will be so much easier when you can actually find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

To create extra storage space around your home, you don’t need to look into large extensions or even renovations. There are some great DIY quick fixes that use the space that you already have available.

Getting started

Before you start building storage units around the home, first you need to clear away the clutter that you really don’t need. There is no point going to the trouble of creating storage for junk that you never use anymore, it will just take up valuable space and collect dust for years to come.

It is a good idea to look into skip hire when you embark on a decluttering mission. If you rely on your curbside bin, it will take you weeks to actually clear the junk from your house, giving you too much time and too many excuses to not finish it. Having a skip bin sitting right out front, waiting to be filled, is motivation to keep moving forward with the job.

When you are deciding what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away, remember the Feng Shui tip; keep only what you use, need or love.

Once the clutter is gone and all that is left are items that you use, need or love, you’ll be able to see clearly what kind of – and how much – storage you need. Is your problem related to bigger items such as bicycles and scooters? Or is it the small knick-knacks that are taking up space?

Small storage solutions

If your main area for concern is all of the small bits and pieces that are scattered over all of your surface areas with no place to live, you can go for some super fast and easy DIY storage solutions. So if you have ribbons, jewellery, craft supplies or piles of accessories to clean up, take a look at these examples of storage:

  1. Make use of old containers

Do you have a bunch of old mismatched Tupperware containers that lost their lids years ago? Don’t bin them just yet, as they can be super useful for keeping smaller items packed neatly away. Simply clear out a drawer, place the old containers inside and voila! You have instant dividers to keep your small, fiddly items neat and together. Put hair elastics in one container, spare coins in another and loose buttons in yet another. Before long, you’ll have a space for all of the pieces that have been lying around the house with nowhere to go.

  1. Clear plastic shoe organiser

This is probably one of the easiest DIY storage hacks you can come across. The clear plastic shoe organiser bags that are designed to hang from a rail or the back of your door can organise a lot more than just shoes. Each pocket can be filled with the little items that usually clog up your bedroom. For example; nail polishes, jewellery, hair brushes and hair clips could all do with a place to call their own, and you’ll feel great removing them from all of the surface space in the room.

Larger storage solutions

If your main problem actually comes from the bigger items in your house, and not the smaller knick-knacks as mentioned, have a look at these ideas:

  1. DIY bike rack

Getting your sporting equipment off the floor can improve the amount of space you have in your home considerably. Whether you do this in a garage or a hallway, making racks to hang bikes, skis, scooters or fishing gear will give you room to breathe again. You can buy regular racks from your local hardware store, or you can get creative and use household items such as an old set of handlebars to give the racks a funky look.

  1. Create a loft in your garage

If you have exposed beams in the ceiling of your garage, or even inside your home, you can place some sheets of plywood on top of them to create more storage space. Thanks to the beams, this will be strong enough to hold suitcases, Christmas decorations and much more, keeping the items high up and well away from your line of sight.

Creating space

DIY storage is all good and well, but what if you don’t even have the space to put it in, in the first place? You’ll need to find a creative way to make room, without having to extend the house.

Use the floor

A mother in Melbourne needed a solution for the toys and clutter that generally comes along with having a baby, but her home just wasn’t big enough. Austin Maynard Architects doubled the space in her living room by turning her entire floor into a giant toybox. A maze of toy storage areas as well as cubby holes to play in were built, and then a new floor was placed over the top. Now the family has enough room to keep all of the toys packed neatly away as well as a place for the child to play with them.