Garden ideas and inspiration

August 21, 2016

As we head towards Spring, it is time to get back outside to enjoy our backyards. If your garden isn’t looking up to scratch, perhaps try some of these inspirational ideas below so that you can get the most enjoyment out of it once the warmer weather arrives.

But first things first.

In preparation of creating a special garden for your home, you need to start with a good clean up. All overgrown bushes, weeds and dying plants can be pulled out and anything else that doesn’t belong such as old bits of wood, bricks or concrete can be thrown into a skip bin.

Next, decide on the theme or vibe you want. You can find inspiration in magazines, books at the library or TV shows as well as various websites. Sites like Pinterest and Australian Outdoor Living have huge collections of different garden designs, so whether you’re looking for Balinese garden ideas or a true-blue Aussie backyard, you’ll find it at just the click of a finger.

We’ve compiled a few ideas to get you started:

Create an evening hangout

While the days may be warming up, the evenings still aren’t quite balmy enough to be staying outdoors after sun down. But you can fix the problem of worrying about the weather by installing a fire pit. There are hundreds of different options for fire pits at the shops and most of them are super easy to install. But if you like a bit of DIY you can make your own from scratch. Use these tips to find out how.

Entertaining heaven

If you love to entertain but there’s no where to seat your guests in the yard, why not build yourself an outdoor room. Alfresco living is a great way to use your backyard all year round and it is also the perfect place for a table and chairs. You can have the room join seamlessly to your backdoor so that it feels like an extension of your home. Or if your yard is big enough, you can place the room at the other end of the garden so it feels like a destination – an oasis away from the activity of the house. Leave at least one side of the ‘room’ open for that outdoorsy feel, and decorate with a long table and plenty of fairy lights. Use some café blinds or a sheet of material on the open side that you can roll down in bad weather.

Make a fairy garden

If you have an old tree stump in the backyard and you don’t want to pay a huge amount to have it removed, there are some things you can do to stop it being such an eyesore. In fact, you can turn it into something quite beautiful with these ideas.

Fairy home – get your carving skills to good use and carve out some cute fairy homes in the sides of the stump to delight the children.

Pot plant – hollow out the centre of the stump and fill it with soil. Plant your favourite brightly coloured flowers inside and you have an instant natural plant holder. You could also plant herbs and make it an herb garden.

Bird bath stand – Place your bird bath on top of the stump, using it as a stand. It makes a pretty feature for your garden and will stop people from tripping over the stump.

Relaxing retreat

You work hard during the week and all you want to do on the weekend is relax. Turn your garden into a haven that makes you feel like you are on holidays every single day. Put a water feature in for some soothing sounds and string a hammock up in between some trees. You can spend hours snoozing or reading under the shade of the trees, feeling like you are in a resort without even having to leave your home!

For the kids

Encourage your children to get outdoors by creating their very own raised garden bed. Build the garden bed together as a fun DIY project.

First, choose a space in your yard that is right for what you want to plant (i.e. how much sun do your seeds need each day? Do they need to be in shade?). Then level out a small area and clear it. You may need to hire a bin if you have a lot of shrubs and plants to remove. Next, make a boundary for your garden with wood, blocks, bricks or something else sturdy that you have access too.

Put a layer of flattened cardboard boxes down first so you don’t have weeds sprouting up and overrunning the garden and then put the soil on top. Finally, it’s time to plant the seeds. Let your kids help choose which vegetables or herbs they’d like to plant and watch them learn as they nurture their garden.