How to create the ultimate man-cave

December 20, 2016

Having personal space within the family home is essential for everyone. A place where you can work or play without being disturbed, or somewhere you can have people over to watch the game or just to take some time out for yourself.

It is imperative for every member of the family to have their own space to retreat to when they need it, but for today we are focussing on the all important man-cave and how to cerate the perfect one for yourself.

There are some elements that are vital to creating the perfect man-cave, read on to find out what they are:

Choose a place

Although traditionally the man-cave has been situated somewhere separate to the house, such as in a backyard shed or a garage, it doesn’t strictly have to be outside. You can choose any room in the whole house, as long as it’s a place to call your own. If you have children who have grown and moved out, you can convert one of their old bedrooms. Or perhaps the study could do with a man-cave makeover. If you have a basement or attic in your house, these are great options as well.

Prepare a blank slate

It’s always good to start any masterpiece with a blank canvas. Once you’ve chosen your room, do what you need in order to get it back to basics so that you can start fresh. Tear down walls, rip up old carpet and even change the layout if necessary. It is a good idea to organise a skip bin so that you can tear things apart and throw them away, before starting fresh.

Bring in the professionals

There are some elements in your man-cave that may require some professional help. Perhaps you’d like to install a bathroom, an amazing surround sound system, or even a working wet-bar complete with a sink. Call in the professionals when it comes to anything to do with plumbing or wiring or you could end up costing yourself more money in the long run.

DIY project

For the smaller features of your room, you can treat it as a DIY project instead. What better mission to sink your teeth into at home than your very own man-cave? Painting the walls, installing new floors or knocking together a cabinet to hold the TV can be done with a bit of skill and a lot of elbow-grease. If you are planning on using your room as a place to play loud music or watch Friday night football at full volume, you might want to consider doing some DIY sound-proofing. There are the old tried and tested sound-proofing techniques, such as egg cartons stuffed with newspapers stapled to the walls, or you can buy special sound-proofing mats that are a bit nicer on the eye than old egg cartons.

Choose the furniture

A man-cave really screams out for at least one recliner lounge; the comfy chair that is all yours and positioned just where you like it. There are other pieces of furniture or white goods that are also essential to a good man-cave set up. These include; a fridge, a TV unit, somewhere to keep glasses, coasters and spirits and of course storage for video games or magazines.

The game of choice

Now for the fun part; the games! Add some entertainment to your man-cave to not only keep your friends amused but as a way for you to unwind and relax when you need to. This could be a pool table, a ping pong table, a dart board or a pinball machine. Whatever you’re into, goes! It’s your space to do whatever you like.

The technical set up

It’s not a man-cave until it has some kind of whizz-bang technical set up. Complete your room with a huge flat screen TV as well as your gaming console of choice. If you’re into good quality sound, set up a great surround sound system or if you’re an aspiring DJ you could even have your own decks and turntables. This might be where the sound-proofing comes in handy!

If you’re a gamer, you may prefer to set your room up with PC’s or game consoles and a fast internet connection.

Interior decorating

When it comes to setting up a man-cave, interior decorating may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, a few well chosen ornaments and pictures can really make the room. Choose some posters of your favourite beer, cars or bands to put up around the walls. Display your favourite things that your wife or girlfriend banned when you moved in together. Also, don’t forget the extra bits and pieces for entertaining. You should have beer glasses or shot glasses on hand, extra seating for when people drop by and somewhere to keep the drinks cool, such as an esky if you don’t have a fridge.