How to Style a Balinese Garden

November 23, 2015

In recent years, there’s been a growing trend for Balinese-style gardens, and there are plenty of reasons why this style is a great option for Australian homes. Tropical garden plants are attractive, hardy and generally well suited to our Australian climate. And as Balinese gardens often evoke luxury resorts, you can slip into your garden and feel like you’re on holiday every day of the year. So just how do you style a beautiful Balinese garden? Here are our top tips to create your very own oasis of calm.

Design the overall space

The first step if you’re looking to create a Balinese garden is to design the space. If you want to opt for tropical, then you want the entire garden to look the part. There is nothing more off-putting than a garden that’s a mishmash of several styles. If you have the budget, consult a specialist garden designer who can help create the exact look you want while providing a realistic assessment of what will suit the space and which plants are going to thrive in the environment.

Think shade

Every garden needs a shady corner, and in many Balinese gardens, it’s provided by a thatched pergola, hut or gazebo. Whether you have a pathway of stones or timber decking leading to a corner pergola, or you make it the central focus of the space, the right pergola will have an authentic look and be practical enough to provide shade and a space for relaxing and dining in.

There are several Australian companies that offer Balinese-style huts, so spend some time researching your options and comparing prices. Remember to check on standard inclusions and the cost of optional extras. Do think about scale when making your decision, and factor in how much lawn space (if any) you would like to still have once the pergola is up.

Include a water element

Many Balinese gardens sit around water, so if you have a swimming pool, you’re in a great position from the start. If not, think about incorporating a water feature such as a stone water bowl, a fountain running over smooth stones, or a shallow pond full of tropical fish. A water feature can help add a touch of serenity to your garden. Many Indonesian gardens are places for reflection and relaxation rather than active pursuits, so ensure you provide spaces designed for indulgent escape.

Consider colour

Colour is important in any garden, and is a great way to pull your garden style together. Many tropical plants feature dark foliage, and strong colours in particular are likely to work well as a counterpoint. Add colour to the garden with flowering plants, and echo these colours in your accessories, such as cushions and fabric umbrellas. With cushions, opt for Indonesian-style batik fabrics or solid colours.

Pick plants wisely

There generally aren’t formal garden beds in Balinese-style gardens. An authentic Balinese garden would likely have trees such as palms and bamboo, and plants like bromeliads, bougainvillea, hibiscus, ginger, strelitzia and lilies. A garden designer or quality plant store can help you work out which plants are going to suit your soil, theme and micro-climate. Any garden needs looking after, so it’s important to also pick plants based on the amount of care they need. If you’re not a green thumb, it’s generally best to stick to hardy, easy-to-maintain options!

Accessorise in style

To create a Balinese garden that looks and feels authentic, it’s important to think carefully about accessories. Indonesian-style carved chairs and tables, hand-carved stone sculptures, bamboo fencing, lanterns, and colourful umbrellas and cushions all help create a stunning tropical look that is designed for optimum escapism. Look to home magazines and even Balinese resort websites for inspiration. Overall, the key is to choose natural materials and handcrafted items over mass-produced ones. Think about the lighting too to ensure it fits perfectly within the tropical surrounds. Small lantern lights placed at intervals around the garden can look fabulous and provide the perfect atmosphere.

Be prepared before you start work

Before starting your garden renovation, you obviously need to clear the space of unwanted clutter, and be prepared to deal with things like old bricks or wooden sleepers from around garden beds that you’ll likely have to dispose of. Our waste bin hire service can ship a bin to your home quickly and affordably, and you can choose a size based on the amount of building debris you are likely to have. If you need to keep your waste bin for a longer period, simply give us a call and we’ll arrange for a lease extension.

By taking the worry out of waste bin hire, we leave you free to focus on what really matters – creating a stunning tropical garden oasis for your home.