Making the most of Easter weekend at home

March 26, 2016

It’s the Easter long weekend, a much anticipated holiday as thanks to the public holidays it’s the longest weekend of the year.

You might have a tradition to pack your bags and head off on the Easter weekend, perhaps to the same place every time or perhaps you try something new each year. While it is great fun to take advantage of the extra long weekend and go on holidays over Easter, there is a lot to be gained from having a ‘stay-cation’ as well. That is, a holiday at home. Here are some ideas if you plan to stay local for the long weekend but also want to make the best use of your time:

Fix up the house

Everyone has a long list of chores for around the house that they’ve been meaning to get to. But weekends are short, especially when you have family commitments, social obligations or have to catch up on work in your own time. Plus, just general upkeep of a house or home can take up the majority of your weekend – cleaning, grocery shopping, gardening. Often the bigger projects are pushed aside and saved for ‘when you have time’. Well, guess what, now you do! Four long days in fact!

Hire the skip bins and get started. Rip out the old tiles in the laundry, spring clean the cupboards, the attic and the garage and finally tackle the big mess of bushes in the corner of your yard. In short, tick off those larger ‘to do’ items that have been haunting you for months now.


If you aren’t planning on going anywhere over Easter weekend, get people to come to you instead. The extra days are the perfect time to plan, prepare and then recover from entertaining your friends and family. Send an invite out a week in advance to all of the people who are planning on hanging around home too, and have them over for an Easter celebration. You could even host your very own egg hunt! And as Easter comes a bit early this year, the weather should be fine for BBQ’s and backyard picnics.

Act like a tourist

When was the last time you really spent some good quality time in your local area? Act like a tourist at home and visit all of the attractions, sightseeing spots and find out what your hometown has to offer. Usually, over the weekend, towns and cities will have a lot of local events that you can attend. They might be family friendly Easter related activities, or night events such as bands at the local watering hole. Check out your local event guides for the perfect activity that suits you, and plan your entire weekend up front.

Act like a kid

Easter brings with it a whole host of events around the country that are aimed at families and children. There are specially hosted Easter egg hunts, fireworks nights or Easter arts and crafts. If you have young children, they will be delighted to join all of these activities for a weekend of fun. And if you don’t have children? That’s fine – you can join in anyway! Who doesn’t enjoy some egg painting or some chocolate hunting? Find your inner child over the weekend and have some fun.

Eat, drink and be merry

Easter long weekend seems like the perfect time to test the local gastronomical delights. Why not research all of the best new dining establishments your area has to offer and put together a tour itinerary for yourself. Take the time over the weekend to try out each and every place you’ve been meaning to try so that you’ll know where to come back to on a regular weekend. You can make a challenge out of it too; only eat the chef’s recommendation at each place, and match it with the perfect wine or beer. You might find new cuisines and new drinks that you have never tried before!

Become an interior decorator for a weekend

Feeling sick of the look of your house and wishing for something new? Try your hand at interior decorating and spruce the place up over the long weekend. Arm yourself with home magazines, get familiar with Pinterest and get to work on an inspiration board for how you’d like your home to look.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars doing it either: You can take your time over the weekend to trawl second hand stores for vintage finds or go rummaging at garage sales. You could become an eBay expert and grab some great finds at even better prices or you could simply head to a cheap home wares store that stocks items that look like designer pieces for only a fraction of the cost. By the end of your weekend house makeover you’ll feel like you live in a new home!