Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a skip bin for waste removal?

Please ring (03) 9563 7300 and speak to one of our friendly staff members, or you can book a bin online. We’d be delighted to organise your skip hire in Melbourne.

What size skip bin should I hire?

Without knowing the nature of the waste, it’s hard to know what size skip bin you need for rubbish removal. Have a look at the bin sizes on our homepage or feel free to call us to discuss what size of bin will suit your particular situation, whether you’re a commercial builder, landscaper or home renovator. We’ve been helping with waste disposal in Melbourne since 1992, so we have a good idea of what you need.

Can I hire a skip bin and get it delivered today?

Usually we need 24 to 48 hours notice before we deliver your skip bin; however we may be able to deliver bins on the same day if you ring early in the morning. Booking as early as possible means you won’t be disappointed.

When do you deliver bins, and where do you leave them?

Bins can be delivered Monday to Saturday. If you have a driveway, you can place the bin there without any council fees. However, bins placed on the road or nature strip in most areas require council permits, and a fee. Ask our friendly staff to arrange the council permits for you.

How can I pay for my skip bin hire?

Visa, MasterCard or Cash are all acceptable.

What hidden charges could there be in my skip bin hire?

If council permits are needed there will be an additional charge involved. Also, we get charged additionally per item to dispose of mattresses and tyres, so we pass that cost on to you.

Can you deliver my skip at a specific time?

Yes, generally we can. But in busy periods, such as weekends and holidays, we may not be quite as flexible with the times we can offer. Booking as early as possible is the way to make sure you can hire a skip when you need it.

You measure your skip bin sizes in cubic metres – what are they?

Cubic metres are a measurement of how much a container can hold – i.e. its volume. If you multiply the length, width and height of a container, that’s its size in cubic metres. So if a container is 3m long x 2m wide x 1m high, then it’s six cubic metres (usually written as 6m³). Have a look at Bin Specifications on our home page for details.

Which suburbs do you deliver to?

We service 156 suburbs in Greater Melbourne and Bayside, so pretty much all of them! Have a look at our Areas Serviced list, and if you’re not on there, call up and ask us.

How do I know when a bin is full?

When whatever is in it is level with the rim. Road safety rules mean we can’t move any skip bin if the waste is over the top of the sides.

I have a lot of different stuff to throw out, can I put it all in the same skip?

Absolutely! We are the heavy mixed load specialists, so you can put in whatever you like (as long as it’s not on our prohibited materials list) and it doesn’t matter what it weighs.

What can I do if I have too much waste for one skip?

We can’t move any skips that have waste higher than the rim. If you have too much waste for one skip, you can either take some out or hire another one.

How much time do I have the skip for?

Our prices include a hire period of up to three days.

What happens if I need to keep the bin longer than three days?

If you want to keep a skip longer than three days, you can hire it for an additional $20 per day.

If something happens and I’m not ready for pick-up when I said, what can I do?

If you need extra time call (03) 9563 7300 and organise a new pick-up date. Depending on the situation, extras charges may apply.

What do you do with my waste material?

We take it to our waste transfer station, where 85% of it is recycled by hand (that’s why we can’t accept any dangerous materials). The remainder goes to landfill.

If I plan to use your services regularly, can I set up an account?

Yes, you can by speaking to our friendly fleet operator on (03) 9563 7300. Or you can call our account manager Robert on 0418 120 212 to discuss your needs.

What if I finish with the skip bin earlier than I anticipated?

Call us on (03) 9563 7300 and we’ll pick it up as soon as we can.

Will you remove asbestos?

No, we cannot remove asbestos for you. Asbestos is one of our prohibited materials. Our driver will have given you a ‘What does asbestos look like?’ sheet. If in doubt, you should leave anything you suspect is asbestos out, and call a specialist asbestos removalist. If we find asbestos in skip bins, we have to shut down our plant since asbestos is a serious safety hazard to our staff. Clean up costs will be passed on to you!

What if I only have a single type of waste?

Yes, we can take single waste types. If you have a load of bricks, soil or concrete, ask our friendly staff if there are discounts applicable to your type of waste.

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